Family Farming

Our Roots

R&RW Bartlett was born from Roy and Rod’s passion for the light sandy soils of Staffordshire and the great quality roots it produced. The father & sons hard work along with their dedicated team has seen the company grow to what it is today.

Our traceability systems are highly streamlined. The provenance of our produce is easily managed and traced, and our transparent approach to our processes takes the confusion out of defining any of our products origins.

We supply carrots and parsnips all year round. The majority are grown within a 12-mile radius of Shenstone. Our award-winning carrots and parsnips also boast numerous accreditation’s. We can also supply any quantity of produce at the quality you require.

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  • Easy to understand traceability system
  • Locally grown roots from a 12 mile radius
  • Supply is year round.

The Farm

Our farm’s director has been with the company for over 25 years. Along with the farm manager,  they maintain all aspects of the farming business, from selecting the seed to trailing new varieties, drilling and harvesting. The farm consists of prime Staffordshire light land, fully irrigated and just right for producing delicious parsnips and carrots.

We are continually increasing our land-base locally and in areas such as Suffolk, suitable land with irrigation to enable us to extend our rotation to at least seven years.


Caring for the produce

Parsnip and carrot crops harvested during the cold winter months are protected from the frost by a covering with a deep layer of straw placed on top. This ensures that we can continue to harvest, irrespective of weather conditions. 


Packing the produce

All of our roots are gently washed, graded and polished twice and then hydro-cooled before being packed. Immediate transfer to our chilled despatch then follows, proceeding to load and delivery.


How we care for the environment

The farms are managed with great compassion and empathy for the environment. For instance, where possible our fields are hand weeded. Numerous watercourses and old canals run through the land and in many places wild grass seed mixes are sown to provide habitat for plants, birds, and other wildlife.


We follow best practice

All crops are grown to the strict standards of practice of the farm assured produce scheme. Our produce is also packed with the Little Red Tractor sign, meaning the way we farm and prepare our produce is regularly checked by independent experts. Regular audits monitor our systems, from the complex record keeping procedure using fully computerised farm software, through to the application of farm inputs.


Always looking forward, R&RW Bartlett has a significant investment program, constantly updating machinery to take advantage of technological advancements.

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