Sustainable Farming

We use our resources effectively to help deliver and meet our environmental targets. Integrated Farm Management helps us set our targets, monitor them and make sure we are running our farms like we want to and as we should do. Sustainability, efficiency, profit and enjoyment are core elements of the processes we put in place.

We’ve built soil stores, planted acres of nectar-rich crops for bees, introduced owl boxes, planted 800 metres of new hedging and even had time to build a water recycling system!  What’s more, all of this was achieved within a two-year target. Take a look at our Facebook page to see some pictures of the many environmental projects we’ve carried out to date.


  • Did you know? We have the elusive grey partridge on our farms! Once a very common breed, the species is now Red Listed, meaning that its future is threatened. We're pleased to be able to offer this special animal a home to enjoy and thrive in.
  • Did you know? Our traceability is so simple and transparent we can trace back every parsnip and carrot within minutes.
  • We are Leaf Marque Certified, which means we have been recognised for farming using sustainable methods with care for the environment.




The crops are regularly walked by our farms team to ensure that every care is being taken to produce high-quality products. Our parsnips and carrots are also inspected for size in preparation for lifting.


At the planning stage, potential fields are assessed for numerous requirements such as the location, soil type and structure, previous croppings and conservation schemes to name a few.



Minimising soil Compaction


Harvesting is a skill. It is paramount that when the produce is lifted from the ground, it is done so smoothly, so breakages do not occur.  Soil compaction must also be considered whenever any traffic from foot or machinery is necessary. The effects of increased soil compaction can mean reduced pore space for air and water, which are essential for growing good quality crops. As such, we always make sure that the landlord of any field that we rent is happy with the conditions of the soil before we leave.

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