This colourful vegetable is a relatively new addition to the R&RW Bartlett product portfolio. Grown due to increased customer demand, we now supply our carrots into the retail, wholesale and foodservice sectors.

Carrots, like many of us, don’t like the frost. For this reason, our carrots will be picked in the winter and covered in straw. Acting like a blanket, the straw protects the carrots from the cold and keeps their surroundings dark, so they’re able to continue to flourish through to spring.

Carrots top the chart as one the highest vegetable sources of antioxidants, boasting a high level of beta-carotene content. 

We can supply carrots 365 days of the year. 

Carrots are extremely versatile and can be enjoyed in both sweet and savoury dishes. Once picked, carrots are best refrigerated.

  • Every morning our farm's team are out in the field harvesting the carrots, fresh to order.
  • Our carrots then go to our state of the art packhouse for washing and packing.
  • The orders are made up in our distribution center and are then loaded onto chilled lorries, maximising food shelf life and minimising waste.

Every morning our farms team are out in the field harvesting the carrots fresh to order.


Our carrots are then taken to our state of the art packhouse, where they are washed and packed.


The orders are made up in our chilled distribution centre and loaded on chilled lorries. Maximising food shelf life and minimises waste.

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