Rainbow Slaw


1/2 small red cabbage
4 medium sized carrots
1 Orange/Red pepper
1/2 fennel
Light mayonnaise ( Dependent on desired texture )
1 tbsp Chilli Jam
100g crumbled feta
Dried Oregano
Lime juice
Rock Salt
Black Pepper
Sesame seeds

1. Start by very finely chopping the red cabbage in to small thin strips and adding to a large mixing bowl

2. Chop carrot ends off and peel off outer layer, then use the peeler to slice off thin strips of the carrot and add to bowl

3. Use hands to combine the two together

4. Finely chop the fennel in to small strands and add to mix

5. De-pip and slice pepper

6. Mix all together

7. Add the light mayonnaise, 4 tbsp for a light glossed texture and more for a more creamy slaw

8. Squeeze lime juice over mix

9.  Top with crumbled feta and dust with oregano

10. Finish by seasoning with rock salt pepper & sesame seeds